Hi, Sweet Friend!

Thank you bunches for stopping by! I am beyond excited you are perusing my little space on the interweb. There have been some big changes here at Contented Gypsy, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Just a couple of years ago, this space was born. Contented Gypsy was designed with the idea of empowering women to be the best version of themselves by living with a contented mindset. My desire was to give my girlfriends an area to share their journeys. I wanted to encourage women. I wanted to come alongside them and cheer them on as they created the stories of their lives.

Along the way, this vision became lost in the myriad of blogging advice. Numbers and audience growth are the focus of many, and while in some industries, this truly is key, my little space just wanted to promote women.

Comparison got ahold of me. It stole my joy and along with it, my passion. I became discontented with blogging. After uncovering the dirty part of blogging and learning much of what I had been reading on blogs came from sponsored posts, I lost the thrill of storytelling. It was time for an extended hiatus (and possibly a permanent departure from blogging).

I wanted a break from all the noise. Ever felt that way?

God has been working on my heart during my time away. Man, was it a looooong process (uh, is it just me or does God’s plan seem to take so much longer than ours?). I realized along the way I STILL have a story to tell. I STILL have women to reach. And I STILL want to be your cheerleader.

Within this space, you can guarantee to find authenticity and a whole lotta love! If anything is being promoted on this blog it’s because I back it with my heart of hearts 100% (click here to read more).

With a refreshed perspective, I’m ecstatic for this new journey! If there is anything you would like to see on my site or questions you want to ask, please pop over and fill out the contact form.

Now, get comfy in your favorite pair of PJs (I like to layer with my fuzzy bathrobe), grab some wine (or tea or coffee), get out the chips and salsa, and dive in!


With so much love…….

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