Hi, friend, thanks for stopping by! If I had it my way, we would sit down at a local coffee shop and spend some time swapping life stories because I would love to hear about what makes you tick! But since we can’t, I’ll do my best to put me on paper (figuratively speaking).

Swimming in Waikani Falls in Maui

Swimming in Waikani Falls found along the Road to Hana


The seasons of my life vary greatly. Over the past year, I’ve gone from galavanting all over the world, to realizing what it means to build a home and stay in one place (even if it means not having trendy “wanderlusty” Instagram photos). This space was originally designed to inspire and encourage other women to live in this hectic and chaotic world with a contented mindset, but’s becoming so much more.

On Contented Gypsy you can find all the avenues which have helped me to find contentment in my life. Artsy fartsy moments bringing my heart glee (check out my shop!), organizational tips to help reduce stress in those moments you need it most (life is already busting with enough demands as it is), and adventure ideas that are affordable and won’t break the bank (because, let’s be honest, Mama needs shoes).

I’m really very thankful you’re here. Please, sit down, grab some coffee (or wine), and get encouraged.

Head over here for an update on my current life’s season.

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A twenty something year old flight attendant with a “can’t-sit-still problem” | lover of all things cupcakes | striving for an intentional lifestyle | perpetually wanderlusting | a yogini in training and inversion aficionada | spontaneous late night crocheter and occasional intermittent Netflix binger (usually at the same time) | music enthusiast | living life with the mindset this beautiful world should be viewed with childlike awe | firm believer laughter is a necessity