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Life gets complicated and messy. Even with the best intentions we can drift, , and before we know it, we have lost sight of where we were going or who we are.

Seasons in our lives vary greatly. One moment we can be on those mountain top “we have made it” highs, and the next we are back to drudging through the valley. Other times, we are simply on a long stretch of highway with little scenery.

Swimming in Waikani Falls in Maui

Swimming in Waikani Falls found along the Road to Hana

This space is designed to inspire and equip women to tackle their thoughts and build a contented mindset. Here at Contented Gypsy you’ll find truths to calm the enemy’s lies. We’ll discover how to walk with the right mindset to accomplish real Kingdom work. And we’ll offer encouragement to begin healing the cracks within our hearts.

I’m really very thankful you’re here. Please, sit down, grab some coffee (or wine), and get encouraged.

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