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Photo Blog: Amsterdam

I’ve written a lot about Amsterdam. I was enchanted by Paris. Lackadaisical as I strolled the streets of Barcelona or just sat and sipped on Sangria. Jovial as I enjoyed the lively Irish.

My travel experiences are always an adventure. Each one is a favorite for one reason or another, but Amsterdam was different. Maybe it was because my time spent there was along side a fantastic group of friends. Perhaps it was the serendipitous meet up we had with someone I had met once on a flight who ended up playing tour guide for a day around his home town of Utrecht. Or maybe, just maybe, it was my first “grown up” trip where I opted for a hotel over a hostel. We stayed at Sloterdijk Station. One stop away from Centraal Station in the heart of the city. Amsterdam was easily navigated to the many experiences the city offers.

This photo blog exemplifies the adventure and freedom found in Amsterdam. A place full of adventure, loose rules, and lots and lots of fries. Let’s not forget about the food. The quintessential fries and mayo stop (that we had to eat everyday), stroopwafels over tea, or croquets.

After you scroll through the gallery of these photos, go check out these tips guest author Christian shared with Contented Gypsy. Enjoy!

xoxo – C

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