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A Cornucopia Filled With Thanksgiving Reverie

Contented Gypsy | Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I sat down to write my obligatory “Happy Thanksgiving, Blog World,” but it turned into something more (as is often the case). As I sit here trying to put gratitude to paper, I realize how truly blessed my life is.

My Mom has preemptively finished most of her cooking (go, Mom), and my Dad is running off to the store to grab some last minute graham cracker crumbs for this yummy Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie I plan to make. *Side note. No, I didn’t forget them at the store, my Mom claimed she had some, and she did…From 2008. End side note. While they scurry around, I’m lazing on the couch in their cozy home awaiting my brother’s arrival (and those darn graham cracker crumbs).

I could go on about all the life things I’m thankful for: food, Thanksgiving with family, a job, a friend who laughs with me when  I tell him eight year old graham cracker crumbs taste like cardboard (my Mom made me try them with her). While I’m in my reverie about how blessed my life is, the muted tv in the background is airing broadcasts of the protests happening in Chicago, terrorist attacks happening abroad, and hate hate hate (with the occasional black Friday advertisement).

I had the chance to worship with United Pursuit at Fifth Ave Worship house this past Tuesday. One song in particular stuck with me. Often we fall into the trap of being fearful, but why? Death has lost. The road is not easy, but that is why we turn to the One who gives us hope. As you enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities, keep these words from the song “Seas of Crimson” close to your heart….

On that cross of calvary
Every burden has been defeated
Every wretched heart redeemed
You drown our sins in seas of crimson
Hallelujah death is beaten
Christ has risen from the grave
Hallelujah it is finished
All to you the highest praise



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